GINA CAS is a Romanian Fashion and Costume Designer who invites people from all around the world to be different and courageous in choosing their garments. The brand she officially brought to life in 2014 is the expression of her vision about art, as it develops an original and unique concept of creating clothes.

 “When I start creating and even before the creating process, when I think about the main idea, I feel powerful, I think big, I believe everything is possible and I am very anxious to see the first results. I enjoy so much the process of seeing the idea coming true, seeing that something that is just in my imagination is taking shape. Through my designs I really try to accentuate that we are the authors of our own lives, that we can create our style just the way we want to, without trying to be someone else. We have to know and be honest to ourselves and follow that feeling without fear, we have to dare to be different, authentic, original, to stand up for our desires, our ideals and ideas! The people who wear my clothes feel powerful, special, confident, attractive, they feel they have all eyes on them! That’s what all the people wearing my designs told me they felt like, and I have the same feeling when I wear them…” explains Gina Cas.